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Why Faysal Shops Authentic Pre-owned Watches Online?

There are two schools of thoughts when you want to purchase a Pre-owned watch, buy from the authorized dealer, even if there is a waiting time, or buy online for instant gratification and sometimes even better deals or a premium in some case.  I am from the school of building relationships with dealers, when possible, which is rare. So, what happens when you want, a limited, hard to get, or a discontinued / archived watch!  Well, the first and only place to go to is an online marketplace. As I started my collection, one of the pieces that I fell in love with was a “Vintage” Big Block Tudor, and obviously the only way to find was going to be through online research.


That watch arrived to Dubai, and since then, it's the only Big Block, Tudor I have seen in Dubai since.
What you cannot have in the dealings of a brick and mortar shop such as body language, handshakes and holding the watch physically, you can make up for through building the trust in reading reviews, checking the number of items on a website, and the customer service. Sourcing my “Tudor" "Big Block” was an adrenaline rush as I filled with suspense and excitement. Hours and hours of browsing, research, reading, youtubing, to find the right reference, and then hours browsing online stores, until I found one reasonably priced and went for it. 

This “Tudor" "Big Block” has been, and still is, one of the dearest pieces to my heart. I have since bought a Limited Edition Seiko, a 1970’s Tissot, a 2000’s Sinn Pilot, and a few more. Watch Shopping online is a benefit as it will have you find watches you might never be able to get elsewhere, and remember, just like you can build a relationship with a brick and mortar, you can do so thrugh online.

The Basic rules apply: 

  • When it is too good to be true, it is.
  • Buy from trusted sites,
  • Never wire transfer on a first transaction,
  • Go see the watches you want in a physical shop if the watch you are after is still available at dealers.
  • If you cannot physically be there. Video calls are the modern-day alternative. 

A few online sources will also allow you to come see the watches either online and, in their premises, and that is the best case scenario, one we have here in the middle east is Timepiece360.

Happy Shopping!

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